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F4T - Follow Up Strategies That Will Get More Clients and Close More Sales
Wednesday, 12:00pm
If follow up is a hard heavy "to do" then the Follow Up Sales Strategies Presentation is for you. You'll learn that follow up is merely a matter of having effective habits and good systems in place. If you struggle to get your follow up work done, it's not because you don't have time, you're not organized or you're not good at's because you haven't learned the right systems and skill set. Understanding this will help put you in the flow of ease of getting this all-important work done on a daily basis. In the Follow Up Sales Strategies Presentation, you'll learn: Why using a system is critical for success Follow up systems that don't work How the right mindset will make the follow-up process easier Surprising sales statistics The real reason people don’t follow up 3 strategies that will improve your follow up efforts immediately Improving your follow up skills will help you get more clients and close more sales! Guest Speaker: Wanda Allen
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Workshop to Prepare YOUR Business Plan with David Halpern
Friday, 10:00 am
We are excited to welcome David Halpern with Mastery Consulting back to help you with prepare your 2021 Business Plan. David possesses the powerful, blended perspective of an experienced corporate leader and entrepreneur. As a result, he has had a tremendous track record of success in turbocharging the sales and profitability.
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