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Urge your State Legislators to VOTE NO on AB 828 - Rent Reduction Bill
C.A.R. needed our help to oppose AB 828 (Ting), a bill that, among other things, effectively forces a 25 percent reduction in rents. C.A.R. opposed the bill because it is unconstitutional and provides no financial protection for mom-and-pop property owners who still must pay their mortgages and have a legal obligation to repair and maintain their properties.

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Tax Portability FAQ (PDF)
The passage of Proposition 19 will provide much needed housing and tax relief for seniors, wildfire victims and the disabled by allowing them to transfer the taxable value of their primary residenceto the replacement of another home anywhere in the state, regardless of the value of the replacement primary residence.

Your clients are likely to have many questions regarding the implementation of the new law. C.A.R.'s Legal Team has prepared an extensive FAQ to address some of those questions. (This same information can also be accessed on C.A.R.'s website where you can easily share this information. C.A.R. website link on Prop 19-FAQ)

The success of this initiative passing was a prime example that the REALTOR® party can make a difference!

How to Respond to Red Alerts and Calls for Action

On occasion, C.A.R. asks REALTORS® to call their legislators to support or oppose proposed bills through Red Alerts and Calls for Action. However, some members may be a bit reluctant to pick up the phone to call their legislator's office, fearing that they may not know what to say or that the process takes a long time. C.A.R. has produced a short video to show how easy it is to respond to Red Alerts and Calls for Action by making a quick phone call.

C.A.R.'s Field Rep Program:
C.A.R. has assigned field representatives to visit associations, and promote overall member involvement in C.A.R.'s political programs by encouraging members to register to vote and vote in every election. Be sure to watch for Christy Hayek's legislative visits and informative updates!

Christy Hayek
C.A.R. Government Affairs - Field Rep.
(732) 682-2996 |

Christy's Updates/Info
12/3/2020 Access to Prop 19 Additional Info:
Video | Slide Deck | Flyers | Quick Guides
Did you know there are more than 36,000 REALTOR® members in our state not registered to vote. Getting involved is key to protecting the issues important to the industry.