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Nov 17 Food 4 Thought - Knowing how to use this One free tool can Help Increase your Business Immediately!!!
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Oct 27 Food 4 Thought - Share your life story: DIY Documentary Memoirs
Oct 20 Food 4 Thought - Do you know the steps to take to be in compliance with Assembly Bill 38? Join us to find out.
Oct 14 Technology Updates & Tips with Josh Sharfman, Ph.D.
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Aug 5 New Changes in Eviction Moratorium
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Apr 1 Use Glide to Prepare, Fill, Send, and Sign any C.A.R. Form
Apr 1 Fire Chief Q & A
Mar 23 PVPAR March Breakfast Meeting: Ask the Assessor about Prop 19
Mar 11 Insights to Architectural Design
Mar 3 Food 4 Thought - New Disclosure Alert: Home Hardening & Defensible Space Disclosure
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Feb 4 Updates on ADUs by Florentine Christian, Certified ADU Specialist
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Jan 26 PVPAR January Breakfast Meeting: C.A.R. Annual Economic Forecast for PVPAR with Jordan Levine
Jan 21 2021 PVPAR Installation
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Oct 20 October Breakfast - Snapshot of Safety & Security issues in the current & post COVID era
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Sep 9 Registered Status in CRMLS Matrix
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April 13 Art Carter Clear Cooperation Policy
April 9 Town Hall Meeting with Attorney John V. Giardinelli